FuelTech CDI Racing Ignition Coil

FuelTech CDI Racing Ignition Coil

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FuelTech CDI Racing Ignition Coil

The FuelTech CDI Racing Ignition Coil is made to be used with our FuelTech FTSPARK 600mJ ignition module with individual coil per cylinder and also rotary applications.

This coil is made for Capacitive Discharge Ignition only and can not be used with a inductive ignition driver.

Only compatible with FuelTech FTSPARK.

Not compatible with FuelTech SparkPRO.

***CDI Racing Ignition Coil Plug Kit sold separately.

Mating Connector

Metri-Pack: 12162182, 12162183, 12162185 and 12162186 

Terminal: 12124075 


Primary resistance: 0.09 OHM +- 10%

Primary inductance: 0.78 mH +- 15% 

Secondary resistance: 988 ohm +- 15% 

Secondary inductance: 3.7 H +- 15% 

Leakage inductance: 0.057 mH +- 10%

Test voltage: 470 Vdc 

Capacitance: 1.5 mF 

Output (no load): 44 kV MIN 

Turns ratio:70:1

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